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The Search Continues...

We've officially changed our goal from finding what we want, to finding the motor home we want to buy. It was a subtle change.

Did I mention we've been looking at motorhomes? Looking, and looking, and looking, and looking... Facebook, Ebay, RV Trader, Auto Trader, Craigslist, and on and on. I finally threw together a spreadsheet to keep track. So...many...motorhomes. And they all blend together. Small refridgerator or big refrigerator? Solar panels? What size generator and inverter? Is there water damage? Too many miles? Not enough miles? And of course, cost. We're burned out. So many hours staring at the computer screen, scrolling through options, and trying desperately to remember which features go to which motorhome.

I don't want to be too complainey. There have been some interesting ones. We even saw one with a woodstove that had been installed. But alas, no washer/dryer. If we're going to be boondocking, a washer/dryer is a must. But, a real wood fire. I can't help but fantasize about cold, rainy days, curled up in front of the fire with a soft blanket, a cup of hot chocolate, and a good book. I have to force myself to put necesseties above fantasies. And as Abe reminded me, we can have a fire outside. And if the fire is outside, we can roast marshmallows and hot dogs, and I can let my inner pyromaniac come out and play just a little.

We've come across a few amazing deals. Deals like a $115,000 coach being sold for $39,000. Of course, those ones are too good to be true so we don't follow up on them, but I can't help the "what if" thoughts that pop into my head. What if it really is that good? What if the seller is just desperate to get rid of it? What if there's some legitimate circumstance I haven't thought of? The same "what if" thoughts that cause people to spend 1/2 their paycheck on lottery tickets, or send money to an Ethiopian prince who promises to return $5,000,000. What if I'm blowing a once in a lifetime opportunity?

We've also found a few that are real possibilities. We have a checklist of the things that are important: 7.5 kw or bigger generator, at least 1 solar panel, a washer/dryer - or at the minimum a washer/dryer hookup, at least 1 slideout, deisel engine, propane stove and preferrably oven, too, and I would like 80 gallons or more fresh water. We haven't found the perfect one, but we've found a few that are really close. And we keep reminding ourselves that God knows exactly which one we need and we will find that one. This is going to be so amazing when it happens!

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